India’s one & only Premium & wholesome Nutrition Brand – catering from infants who are just born all the way to people aged over 70.

Whey Protein Blends | Whey Isolate | Plant Protein | Pea Protein | Micellar Casein | Calcium Caseinate | Weight Loss Supplement | Weight Gainer | Pre-Workout Formula | Post workout Formula | Memory n Stamina Booster for Children | Diabetes n Cholesterol Control | Renal care formula | Fat loss supplement | Omega 3 for wellness | Multivitamins with anti-oxidants for immunity | Amino acids | Creatine | Glutamine | BCAA | Arginine | Complex carbs | Mass Gainer

Infant Milk Formula | Baby Foods | Baby Cereals | Lactose free infant milk formula | Anti diarrhoea infant milk formula | Wheat baby cereals | Rice baby cereals | Fruits & Vegetables baby cereals | Multigrain baby cereals | Low birth weight infant milk formula | Anti regurgitation infant milk formula

Our main mission and motivation for business growth since the launch of BodyDaddy in 2015 has been to manufacture & develop the most premium fitness and healthcare supplements which are result-oriented, 100% safe and still being sold at reasonable prices and NOT overpriced, so that every Indian is able to afford good nutrition without overpaying or wasting their hard-earned money.

We have strived to come up with different kind of innovative products time to time and more importantly with the BEST possible product specifications for the most cost-efficient prices in the Indian market. 

We offer a range of healthcare products and services which will positively contribute to your wellbeing, making your lifestyle better and helping you to lead a healthier, fitter and more rewarding life. 

BodyDaddy was founded with the primary focus of developing specially designed nutritional products of superior composition spanning across the fitness, wellness & lifestyle segments for building muscles & mass, for overcoming malnutrition, underweight & anorexia, lean mass gain aswell as treating/managing lifestyle related maladies such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, poor memory & poor stamina etc. and helping as many people as possible to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle !


BodyDaddy are currently being sold in more than 52 cities in India directly & through our website all over India and exported to 12 countries abroad. Our products are vigorously tested in govt. certified labs to get approved abroad, therefore we proudly claim world class quality products.

Our aim is to promote good health & diet to as many people as possible.


BodyDaddy was set up by Mr. Akash Singh in 2015, in the rapidly emerging Nutrition & Healthcare domain, and is run and managed by a team of Nutritionists, Doctors, Food Safety Experts, Food & Dairy Technologists. 

1. Mr. Akash Singh (CEO)


We have done contract manufacturing / private label / 3rd party manufacturing for more than 60 clients till date since 2015 and many reputed brands are currently running very well in Indian market and abroad aswell in many SAARC countries and MENA region countries too.

We undertake private labeling/contract manufacturing/3rd party manufacturing for =

  • Nutrition & Sports Supplements, Bodybuilding supplements, Fitness supplements
  • All types of Baby Foods (Infant Milk Formula and Cereals, Anti-diarrhoea diet, Lactose free infant milk formula)
  • Medical Nutrition (Anti-diabetic diet, Weight loss diet, Renal diet, Hepatic diet etc.) 

We provide complete solution on product development, which includes manufacturing of the product, designing, technical consultancy, R&D, retail packaging, labelling and transport – One stop solution !

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